Officina Baroquo is a small workshop based in the baroque city of Valletta.
The main collections are produced locally by the best Maltese craftsmen.
The Officina strives to capture the unique beauty that Valletta evokes,
creating small limited-edition collections.

This year, the Officina will reopen its doors in the historic original building,
built by the Knights of St John in 1573, close to Marsamxett harbour.



Marsamxett harbour served as an important means of sea transport
and importation at the time of Grand Master La Valette.
The finest imports from all over the world were brought to the shores.

The ‘Officina’, built in the 1500s, was originally a merchant’s store.

Marsamxett Harbour


An opulent, baroque, UNESCO World Heritage city
built on a stretch of land separating Malta’s two main harbours.
Constructed in just 15 years after the Great Siege of 1565,
this city is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.